History of Doppler Echocardiography


                   Timeline of the progress in Doppler echocaardiography



Another timeline and references


1956   Satomura S et al.    Continuous wave Doppler echo. (ref.1)

1956   Satomura S et al.    Continuous wave Doppler echo. (ref.2)

1956   Yoshida T et al.    Continuous wave Doppler echo. (ref.3)

1956   Hikita G et al.    Continuous wave Doppler echo. (ref.4)

1956   Satomura S.    Inspection of cardiac function by Doppler. (ref.5)

1959   Satomura S.    Flow pattern in peripheral arteries by Doppler. (ref.6)

1961   Franklin DL et al.    Continuous flow Doppler. (ref.7)

1961   Kaneko Z et al.    Studies on peripheral circulation by Doppler. (ref. 8)

1966   Rushmer RF, Baker DW et al.    Continuous flow Doppler. (ref.9)

1967   Baker DW et al.   Pulsed Doppler. (ref.10, ref.14)

1967   Strandness DE et al.    Continuous flow Doppler. (ref.11)

1969   Light LH.    Observing blood-flow in human aorta by Doppler. (ref. 12A)

1969   Wells PNT.     Range-gated ultrasonic Doppler system. (ref.12)

1969   Peronneau EPA et al.    Doppler flow meter. (ref.13)

1971   Side CD and Gosling RG    Esophageal continuous wave Doppler. (ref.15)

1972   Kalmanson D et al.    Doppler flow meter, (ref.16)

1972   Olson RM and Shelton DK.    Transesophageal continuous wave Doppler. (ref.17)

1973   Johnson SL et al.   Pulsed Doppler echo. (ref.17A)

1974   Duck FA et al.    Transesophageal continuous wave Doppler. (ref.18)

1974   Gosling RG et al.   Arterial assessment by Doppler. (ref.18A)

1975   Tomlin PJ et al.   Esophageal continuous wave Doppler. (ref.18B)

1975   Daigle RE et al.   Esophageal Doppler.  Examination of Dog. Not human, (ref.19)

1976   Nealeigh RC et al.   A venous pulse Doppler catheter tip flowmeter. (ref.19A)

1978   Hisanaga K et al.    Transesophageal pulsed Doppler with M-mode. This is the first human transesophageal 

          pulsed Doppler in history. (ref.20, ref.23, ref.25)

1978   Brandestini M et al.    M-mode and multigated Doppler flow meter. (ref.21, ref.22)

1979   Histand MB et al.    Transesophageal pulsed Doppler of AS. (ref.23A)

1979   Holen J and Simonsen S.    Determination of pressure gradient of MS with Doppler. (ref.24)

1980   Hatle L et al.    Assessment of AS by Doppler. (ref.24A)

1981   Schluter M et al.    Mitral regurgitation detected by transesophageal pulsed Doppler with M-mode by A.T.L. 

          system. (ref.26, ref.28)

1982   Hisanaga K et al.    Transesophageal pulsed Doppler without mirror. (ref.27)

1982   Bommer WJ and Miller L.    Real-time two-dimensional color flow Doppler. (ref.29)

1982   Namekawa K, Kasai C et al.    Imaging of blood flow using autocorrelation, Color flow Doppler. (ref.30,


1985   Kasai C et al.    Imaging of blood flow using autocorrelation. Color flow Doppler. (ref.32)

1986   Goldman ME et al.    Intraoperative transesophageal real-time Doppler flow imaging.  Color flow Doppler. 


1986   Takamoto S et al.    Transesophageal real-time Doppler flow imaging. Color flow Doppler. (ref.34)

1987   de Bruijn NP et al.    Intraoperative transesophageal color flow mapping. (ref.35)

1989   Isaaz K et al.     Ventricular wall motion measurement by Doppler. (ref.36)

1991   Bohs LN et al.     Speckle tracking echocardiography. (ref.36A)

1992   McDicken WN et al.     Color Doppler myocardial imaging. (ref.37)

1993   Becher H, von Bibra H et al.     Contrast enhanced color Doppler. (ref.38)

1994   Sutherland GR et al.    Color Doppler myocardial imaging. (ref.39)

1995   Tei C et al.    Tei index. (ref.39A, ref.39B)

1995   Paika P et al.     Tissue Doppler imaging. (ref.40)

1995   Miyatake K et al.   Tissue Doppler imaging. (ref.41)

2001   Becker D et al.   Color Doppler endoscopic ultrasound. (ref. 42)

2002   Trambaiolo P et al.     Transesophageal tissue Doppler echo. (ref.43)

2003   Cheng MM et al.     Transesophageal tissue Doppler echo. (ref.44)

2006   Ohtsuki S, Tanaka M.     Blood flow velocity distribution by Doppler. (ref.45)

2010   Garcia D et al.   Vector flow mapping.  VFM. (ref.46)

2015   Voigt JU et al.   Speckle tracking. (ref.47)

2022   Fraser AG et al.   The most detailed history of echocardiography. (ref.48)





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Continuous wave Doppler echo

Shigeo Satomura, PhD.    From Short history of the development of ultrasound by Joseph Woo.


Shigeo Satomura, PhD.    From Short history of the development of ultrasound by Joseph Woo.


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From ref.20   Transesophageal pulsed Doppler system.

From ref.20    Flow pattern in RVOT.  Normal adult.


Kohzoh Hisanaga, MD. (Hisanaga K.)    From "People who developed medical ultrasound".  p35, Itoh K, Ed., Supplement of Proceedings of 60th Meeting of JSUM 1992.   Kohzoh Hisanaga is not only an electronic engineer but also a medical doctor.  

Dr. Hisanaga received the Honor Award of the Japanese college of cardiology in 1991 because Dr. Hisanaga developed Transesophageal two-dimensional echocardiography for the first time in history. 


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Kouroku Namekawa.     From "Meet The History"  Japan Heart Foundation.

Mr. Namekawa received the Honor Award of the Japanese college of cardiology in 1990


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Chihiro Kasai.   From Kobayashi Riken News No.67-6 


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From ref.48  Page 1. Graphical abstract.    Hisanaga’s research performance of transesophageal imaging is written in this abstract.