Hisanaga developed many kinds of transgastric ultrasound sector or rotating scanner (ref.2~ref.6) with and without balloon.

When Hisanaga developed transgastric ultrasound sector scanner with optic gastrofibrscope, Hisanaga performed transgastric examination without balloon (bag) many times.

In comparison with TEE it is very difficult for us to get images of high quality without balloon.

When balloon(bag) was attached, image quality was considerably increased.

However even if using balloon, image quality was sometimes bad.

So Hisanaga made a firm decision.  Before examinations patients drank water over 300ml and performed transgastric examinations.  The water that had been boiled and cooled down was used.

Thereby in all patients transgastric high quality images were obtained and apart from slightly gagging no serious complications were encountered.  When Hisanaga presented a paper of those examinations on academic conference(ref.7), a famous professor(associate professor) criticized severely that this Hisanaga's method was very dangerous.

Several years later, this famous professor himself presented a paper of filling stomach with water method in a famous journal.


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From ref.6    Horizontal scans through left kidney in normal adult with intragastric high speed rotating scanner.    Left : Left kidney and abdominal aorta are seen clearly.  If amplitude of near field is relatively low, pancreas is seen as anechoic space near stomach wall.   Right : With increasing amplitude of near field, pancreas assumes cloudlike shape. 

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